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republican adj
1 relating to or belonging to the Republican Party; "a Republican senator"; "Republican party politics"
2 having the supreme power lying in the body of citizens entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them or characteristic of such government; "the United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government"- United States Constitution; "a very republican notion"; "so little republican and so much aristocratic sentiment"- Philip Marsh; "our republican and artistic simplicity"-Nathaniel Hawthorne


1 a member of the Republican Party
2 an advocate of a republic (usually in opposition to a monarchy)
3 a tributary of the Kansas River that flows from eastern Colorado eastward through Nebraska and Kansas [syn: Republican River]

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see Republican



  1. Someone who favours a republic; an anti-monarchist.
  2. In the context of "history|politics": Someone who favours social equality and opposes aristocracy and privilege.
    ''Sir, there is one Mrs Macaulay in this town, a great republican. One day when I was at her house, I put on a very grave countenance, and said to her, 'Madam, I am now become a convert to your way of thinking. I am convinced that all mankind are upon an equal footing...' (Boswell, The Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791). Travels of a Republican Radical in Search of Hot Water'' - Title of a collection of essays published by the leftwing novelist H. G. Wells in 1939.


someone who favors a republic
  • Finnish: tasavaltalainen
historic: someone who favors social equality
  • Finnish: tasavaltalainen


  1. Of or belonging to a republic.
  2. Favouring a republic.


of or belonging to a republic
  • Finnish: tasavaltalainen
favoring a republic
  • Finnish: tasavaltalainen

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